A New Beginning

Last week we announced how this site will be the new home for information on the federal TIF grant and the state TCM grant.  Today I (Tom) want to give a brief overview of how these grants will impact Pitt County Schools.  In future posts we’ll look more specifically at some of the history related to the development of the grants as well as more specifics regarding the respective strands that are introduced here today.

These two grants (the federal TIF grant and the state TCM grant) allow us to fully implement what we have termed the R3 Initiative.  R3 stands for Recruit-Retain-Reward, and those three words will both drive and summarize the work we will do through the grants.   While R3 may not be a term you’ve heard often in PCS over the last couple of years, the term was developed over three years ago as we began to design and implement programs such as the KeyBT program and the Teacher Leadership Institute (also called TLI).  The focus of R3 is to recruit and retain the best teachers to serve and equip the children and families of Pitt County, North Carolina, and then to reward them by offering competitive compensation and expanded influence.

R3 will be overseen by a new division within the district called the Division of Educator Effectiveness and Leadership (DEEL).  Bringing together personnel, experience, and expertise from both the Human Resources (HR) and Educational Programs and Services (EPS) departments, personnel within DEEL will oversee implementation of the full R3 Initiative.

R3 includes four key elements: the KeyBT program, the Teacher Leadership Institute (TLI), the Career Pathways Program, and a new Performance-Based Compensation piece.  While these are separate elements they are all aligned with and support each other. The first two elements build a pipeline for the training of teacher leaders starting at the earliest stages of a teacher’s career, while the third element provides expanded opportunities for influence.  A hallmark of all three of these elements is varying degrees of support, training, and leadership opportunities to teachers within the system.  Underlying these three elements is a comprehensive Performance Based Compensation System that provides monetary and non-monetary rewards to teachers, principals, and other school leaders.  The four elements are illustrated in the following graphic.


 R3 is founded on the premise that advanced teaching roles are created as both influence and compensation are increased. If one thinks of a matrix where Influence & Compensation are two different axes, Beginning Teachers (those teachers in the first three years of their career) are in the lower left quadrant: they have lower influence and lower compensation.  The lower right quadrant is identified as a Professional Teacher, or a teacher with a continuing license. These teachers have increased compensation but may or may not have increased influence. With North Carolina’s current pay structure there is no formal path to increased influence without leaving the classroom, though there is a path for increased compensation through experience or NBPTS certification. In the upper right quadrant of the matrix are teachers with advanced teaching roles that provide both increased compensation and increased influence. R3 provides the pipeline to prepare teachers for those new roles through two innovative elements we refer to as the Key BT Program and the Teacher Leadership Institute (TLI).  This is illustrated in the next image.

CP Matrix.png

In upcoming posts I’ll share more about these specific programs, with a particular emphasis on the Career Pathways.  In the next post I’ll share more about how the program was developed In the next post I’ll review the KeyBT and TLI programs, because both of those have been in place in Pitt County Schools for the last couple of years.  Posts will happen on a regular basis on Monday mornings for the foreseeable future, so I’d encourage you to sign-up to receive email updates so you know the latest information as it is released.  Over the next several weeks the site will also be reformatted and updated to reflect the new focus on R3

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