Beginning of Year Update 2017

This week marks the beginning of school for the students here in Pitt County.  We’ve been quiet on this blog over the past two months, but that doesn’t meant we’ve been quiet in the program.  Today I want to take a few minutes to update you on our progress and share some thoughts on where we’ll be going in the near future.  Today I’m going to provide some specific updates about three key aspects DEEL supports: the new career pathway program, the Teacher Leadership Institute, and Situational Leadership.  Next week we’ll share updates for the KeyBT program and new teacher orientation.

Career Pathways Updates


I believe I speak for our entire staff when I say that perhaps what we are most excited about is the implementation of the first two of our career pathway positions.  This year we are rolling out the Facilitating Teacher (FT) and Collaborating Teacher (CT) positions (for a generalized description of the FT and CT positions please read this post).  In fact, we have 55 FTs at 25 different schools, all leading what we are calling Communities of Practice (CoPs).  These CoPs are responsible to conduct collaborative action research around an identified problem of practice and are made up of the 55 FTs and an additional 174 CTs at 29 different schools.   FTs participated in an initial two-day training in August, including a full-day overview of Action Research, and are scheduled to participate in training throughout the school year focused on developing skills in leading collaborative groups (i.e., the CoP) and interpreting and analyzing data.

TLI Updates

Beyond these new positions, the first class of the Teacher Leadership Institute (TLI) officially STAgraduated, the second class has been planning and beginning work on their capstone projects, and the third class started their training cycle (for more information on the TLI please visit this page).  In all, 25 teachers graduated in the Class of 2017, 25 teachers are in the Class of 2018 beginning their second year of the program, and another 24 teacher are starting their journey as TLIers in the Class of 2019.

We would be remiss if we did not mention that FTs, CTs, and TLI graduates all receive salary supplements, which means that this year we have over 250 teachers in Pitt County Schools who are both expanding their influence and receiving enhanced pay.  This is truly an exciting time to be a teacher in Pitt Count Schools!

Introducing Situational Leadership

And yet our work does not only involve supporting teachers.  DEEL focuses on developing the skills and competencies of effective educators, which means we work with and support educators both inside and outside the classroom.  This year we are beginning a multi-year roll-out of the Situational Leadership model2speakingbytes02.  Over the past nine months the DEEL certified staff have completed a certification process to deliver the Situational Leadership: Building Leaders model in PCS, and DEEL personnel are also working toward certification in other SitLead components.  In July the district Senior Staff participated in a two-day Situational Leadership training, then at the annual administrators retreat all principals, assistant principals, and central office administrators participated in an initial SitLead roll-out.  Moving forward we will be revisiting and expanding our understanding of and skill in applying that model at monthly administrator meetings and trainings.  Eventually we may begin providing training in applicable aspects to classroom teachers as well.  This is a mammoth undertaking we believe will provide a comprehensive framework for how we support teachers and school staff throughout the district, providing a common cultural language and framework for thinking.  Later in September I’ll be posting an entire blog series on Situational Leadership, so make sure you sign-up for blog updates –  you don’t miss anything!

This is an exciting time for us here in Pitt County Schools.  Across the various departments of the district we’re working to align our supports and initiatives to best serve the students and teachers in every school, and DEEL is just one cog in that wheel.  Our goal with this blog is to post every Monday to share information, with occasional posts on other days as the needs arise.  In the coming months we’ll look more deeply at Situational Leadership, Teacher Collaboration, and Collaborative Action Research/Collaborative Inquiry (to name just a few topics).  Sign up for blog updates, share us with your colleagues, and come back regularly to find out more about what’s happening here in your district.

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