The Growth Teacher Program

Growth Teacher Overview Video There are students in every school across the nation who yearn for a highly-effective teacher who will inspire them every day. One of the goals of the R3 Framework in Pitt County Schools is to increase the number of highly effective teachers in our district through targeted mentorships in the Growth... Continue Reading →

Watching Pedagogical Content Experts

The Career Pathways that are part of the R3 Program to recruit, retain, and reward our best educators allows our teacher leaders to learn, explore, and collaborate to tackle instructional problems of practice. I have been thinking recently about what our teachers need to be able to do in order to begin the process of... Continue Reading →

Expanding the Pathways

My bride sent me a text message in October with a screenshot of a Facebook post from one of the most amazing teachers she knows.  In the post, the teacher was looking for a 2nd job to take care of new family needs - daycare for a new baby. I thought, why on Earth would... Continue Reading →

New Teacher Orientation and our Key BTs

The end if the summer is always an exciting time of year for the Pitt County Schools Teacher Support program. Working with our new hires allows us impact the education of students for the next thirty years. This summer PCS Beginning Teacher Support hosted three different groups during our New Teacher Orientations from Aug 10th-16th, our... Continue Reading →

Welcome to DEEL

The Division of Educator Effectiveness and Leadership has a home! DEEL, 1103A Corporate Drive, Greenville, NC 27858. If you need to send anything in the PCS courier to Seth Brown, Tom Feller, or Kenisha Wilson, you can send it to "DEEL" and it will get to us. Officially our team moves in Monday, June 19th, but... Continue Reading →

Advocating for Educators

Standing on the steps of the US Supreme Court, you can look out and see the Capital. The marble and columns are massive and impressive. Knowing the decisions that have shaped our country were made between these two buildings, makes me humble and hungry. Tom and I had the opportunity to drive up early to Washington... Continue Reading →

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