The DEEL Reel – Is it Worth the Risk?

How do you move forward when you’re stuck? How do you find options when you don’t know what your next step should be? We often find ourselves faced with uncertainty - especially now while the world is facing such a dynamic health crisis. As educators, learning to support our students and colleagues in new territory... Continue Reading →

The DEEL Reel — Getting To Know You

In our current reality of COVID-19 teaching, educators are in the process of getting to know their new co-teachers, Parent (and sibling and grandparent and babysitter....) Educators. This DEEL Reel discusses how educators can leverage technology to collect and organize information about their co-teachers in order to streamline the communication process. Educators will learn how... Continue Reading →

The DEEL Reel — Meet Your New Co-Teacher!

"This is not home schooling. And it’s not online schooling. Teaching and learning in a time of Covid-19 is what we’re doing, and we’re figuring it out day by day."Opinion: This Is Not Home Schooling, Distance Learning or Online Schooling.Maureen Downey - Atlanta Journal Constitution As we teach and learn in a time of Covid-19,... Continue Reading →

The DEEL Reel – The Burner List

Welcome to the Pitt County Schools DEEL Reel🎥. Today’s topic targets “strategies to manage time while teaching online and specifically the Burner List strategy. The Burner List comes from the book Make Time and was briefly featured on the Today Show on September 15, 2017. It is a strategy used by some members of the... Continue Reading →

The Growth Teacher Program

Growth Teacher Overview Video There are students in every school across the nation who yearn for a highly-effective teacher who will inspire them every day. One of the goals of the R3 Framework in Pitt County Schools is to increase the number of highly effective teachers in our district through targeted mentorships in the Growth... Continue Reading →

Welcome Key Beginning Teachers 2018

  Beginning a career in education can be an emotional journey. The road ahead can be overwhelming and often met with challenges. Many new teachers navigate these difficulties with great strides and show success with lessons and build relationships with students, parents, colleagues, and the local community. Pitt County Schools is fortunate to have many... Continue Reading →

Recruiting and Retaining

Fully engaged. Creating a better world, one leader at a time. Empowering leaders to live life on purpose. These are a few slogans used by various companies to attract employees. What I know is that who we are as educators is not a motto, quick slogan, rhyming phrase, or hashtag. And rarely do these catch... Continue Reading →

What They’ll Remember

What will our students remember at the end of the year? Will they remember all the things we taught them? Will they remember all the skills we worked on? Will they remember all this for the test? Perhaps.  We hope. Will they remember the events of the Civil War? Will they remember what causes the... Continue Reading →

Reaching for Greatness

Think of the teachers that had a positive impact on you.  Why might they have been successful?  Certainly effective teaching is going on for the very reason that we can think of those people in our own lives.  There are three teachers I feel had the most impact on my identity as a learner.  Sister... Continue Reading →

Indoctrination to Education

I remember my first year in education: Kindergarten.  As the baby of the family, I was beyond excited to finally be able to board the bus and head to school with my brother and sister.  Back then kindergarten students went to school for a half day. There were morning and afternoon classes, and I was... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Key BTs

The Key Beginning Teacher (Key BT) Program began in the 2014 - 2015 school year as a way to engage and empower beginning teacher leaders. Since its inception, approximately 190 beginning teachers have participated in the Key BT program. The Key BT program is designed to work with highly effective Beginning Teachers to train and... Continue Reading →

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