Facilitating Teachers is the first of four new career paths that will be available to teachers in Pitt County Schools.  Facilitating Teachers (or FTs as we refer to them) are expert teachers who are regular classroom teachers and who spread their influence by leading what we call a Community of Pratice (CoP).  A CoP is made up of one FT and between two and four Collaborating Teachers (or CTs).

A CoP is a very specific group at the school, and they are responsible to complete a group action research project around an identified instructional problem of practice.  The problem of practice is identified by the principal and the school leadership team, and then the FT is responsible to lead the CoP in trying to solve that problem of practice.  This is illustrated below.


The CoP, led by the FT, plans together, implements strategies together, and collects and analyzes data all in an effort to solve the identified problem of practice.  In recognition of their work, CTs receive a $1,200 stipend over the course of the year and the FT receives a 15% supplement over the course of the school year.  The FT also receives additional training and support.  Training will happen approximately once a month, with a focus on facilitating teams, leading adults, understanding group dynamics, and interpreting and analyzing data (to name just a few of the topics).  FTs also receive regular coaching from a district-assigned coach.

FT positions are not additional teaching positions allotted to a school, rather they are a position that falls under a current allotment and grant funds are used to pay the 15% supplement. Similarly, CTs are not additional allotments but are current positions that receive their supplement through grant funds.

In order to apply for a FT position candidates must meet several criteria, including an advanced certification such as NBPTS, a Masters in the content area, or completion of TLI, plus they must have an EVAAS rating of at least 0 (positive green),  or comparable data if they do not have EVAAS.

FT positions for the 2017-2018 School Year will be allotted and posted by the district beginning at the end of March for 9-12 positions and prior to Spring Break  for K-8 positions.  Teachers will apply for positions through a district application process and final decision for positions will be made by school principals.  While principals can hire FTs up until the beginning of the 20170-2018 School Year, the last date to hire an FT that would have to transfer from another Pitt County School is May 31, 2017.  Currently, we expect to hire approximately 70 FT positions across the district for the 2017-2018 school year.

If you are interested in applying for a position and you meet the minimum criteria listed, please speak with your school principal to discover what opportunities might be available at your current school.  If you are willing to interview at another school for an FT position, please check back to this site after March 30 for 9-12 positions and after April 13 for K-8 positions.  The formal job description for FTs can be found by clicking here.