FT and MCT Vacancies

Thank you for your interest in serving as either a Facilitating Teacher or Multi-Classroom Teacher. To apply for a position, current PCS teachers must complete the FT/MCT application. All out-of-district candidates must first complete the PCS employment application AND the FT/MCT Application.


Current positions available for the 2021-2022 school year are listed below. Please note that, unless otherwise notated, these positions are for three years (2021-2022, 2022-2023, and 2023-2024 academic years).


Facilitating Teacher Vacancies

School Position
AES FT – 3-5 Math Vertical Alignment
AES FT – K-2 Math Vertical Alignment
AMS FT – 6th Grade Math
AMS FT – 8th Grade ELA
CME FT – Classroom Management/Engagement
CME FT – Culturally Responsive Teaching
CME FT – Vocabulary Across the Curriculum
CSE FT – K-5 Common Math Vocabulary
CSE FT – K-5 Reading Vocabulary
EAST FT – 4th/5th Grade Math
GRW FT – 2nd-4th Grade Math for Numbers & Operations
GRW FT – Middle Grades Writing & Grammar
HBS FT – K-2 Reading FT
JHR FT – Equity in Academics – RISE
JHR FT – Equity in Social Engagement
LFE FT – Schoolwide Academic Vocabuly & Literacy
NPHS FT – ACT Preparation for Grades 10-11
NPHS FT – English 1 & 2 Literacy
RES FT – Teacher Collaboration
SCHS FT – Academic Vocabulary/Literacy
SDB FT – Math Vertical Alignment 3-5
SDB FT – Reading Differentiation Grades 1-3
STOKES FT – 3rd-5th Grade
WHR FT – 2nd Grade
WHR FT – 3rd Grade
WI FT – 3-5 Math FT
WI FT – 3-5 Reading FT
WP FT – K-2 Math FT
WP FT – K-2 Reading FT


Multi-Classroom Teacher Vacancies

School ATR
LFE MCT – 1st Grade Literacy
LFE MCT – 4th Grade Math
RES MCT – 2nd/3rd Reading

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