Growth Teacher Overview Video

There are students in every school across the nation who yearn for a highly-effective teacher who will inspire them every day. One of the goals of the R3 Framework in Pitt County Schools is to increase the number of highly effective teachers in our district through targeted mentorships in the Growth Teacher program.  The final Advanced Teaching Role in the Pitt County Schools R3 Framework is the Growth Teacher. It is aimed at tapping into the desire of highly effective educators to expand their influence beyond the four walls of their classroom. The Growth Teacher program targets support and enhances collaboration and mentorship between Growth Teachers and Talent Teachers across different schools in the district.

There are many terms which could describe the relationship and journey upon which you are beginning: mentor/mentee, coach/coachee, expert/novice, etc.  All these terms, however, seem to suggest a hierarchy where one person is better than the other.  Our perspective is that both teachers are invaluable and bring specific talents and skills to the relationship.  As such, we have named the positions “Growth Teacher” and “Talent Teacher” to highlight the following:

  • Talent Teachers are those teachers who are skilled and want to grow
  • Growth Teachers are those teachers who are there to encourage, guide, and support Talent Teachers in growing

The Growth TeacherDuring the Spring semester, teachers who 1) have been recognized by the state of North Carolina as “Blue” or “Top 25%” in EVAAS, so they receive a bonus from the state or district; 2) are proficient or higher on their summative evaluation; and 3) are on an Individual Growth Plan are eligible to become Growth Teachers. In this Advanced Teaching Role they will mentor and support a Talent Teacher towards becoming highly-effective. Growth Teachers will be compensated $500 per Talent Teachers up to two teachers. 

The Talent Teacher – A Talent Teacher who is close to becoming “Blue” or “Top 25%” is able to work with a Growth Teacher to continue to master their craft and become highly-effective.  Each Talent Teacher will complete a self-assessment to find their Growth Teacher to partner with. The Talent Teacher will then work with the Growth Teacher to develop a targeted plan to focus the support and make sure it is provided in a useful way for each Talent Teacher. 

Match Day – Each Growth and Talent Teacher will be able to pick their match to collaborate with. Priority will be given to Cross-School matches in order to spread great ideas across the district. Match Days will be held the afternoons of February 10th and 11th at the new Kathy Taft Center for Excellence and Leadership in Education at 2010 Allen Road. Elementary Teachers will start the process at 3:15 and Middle and High School Teachers will start at 4:15. The goal is to be able to walk out of the session with a match that works for each individual. Each Growth Teacher may work with two Talent Teachers. Teachers may sign up for the Match Day in Protraxx (link coming soon). 

The Process – The support process will be focused around a specific plan for each Target Teacher. A handbook has been developed using targeted questions that will help provide a clear plan from the beginning. Pairs will meet regularly and document updates to the plan and progress towards goals in an online system, similar to what Facilitating Teachers currently use in the district.

For more information, please contact Seth Brown, or Thomas Feller,